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Nattu Maruthuvam | Maruthuvam Ungalukaga
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Watch Tamil TV Show Maruthuvam Ungalukaga and Nattu Maruthuvam on Tamilo.Com by Sun TV. Tamil TV Show Maruthuvam Ungalukaga is a very important show that we must all see.

Maruthuvam Ungalukaga show will give the knowledge and advise about medical related problems. Watch Maruthuvam Ungalukaga at Tamilo.com on-line and let your friends know.


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 21/Oct/2016

Sun TV Comedy Junction Episode 59 Naattu Maruthuvam - Skin Care 20

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam | Remedies For Itching, Psoriasis, Infection 18/Oct/2016

Sun TV Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1 17/Oct/2016

Sun TV Nattu Maruthuvam | Benefits of Muscle Spasms 14/Oct/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam | Benefits of Cancer 13/Oct/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam | Benefits of Peanuts 12/Oct/2016

Sun TV Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1 07/Oct/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 06/Sep/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam - Natural Medicine For Weight Gain 05/Oct/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 04/Sep/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 03/Sep/2016

Remedies For Chicken Kunya Player 1 30/Sep/2016

Herbal Remedy For A Healthy Heart Player 1 29/Sep/2016

Benefits Of Keezhanelli Player 1 28/Sep/2016

Natural Remedy For Menstrual Problem Player 1 27/Sep/2016

Herbal Medicines For Vitiligo Player 1 26/Sep/2016

Natural Remedy For Pimples Player 1 23/Sep/2016

Natural Remedy For Cracked Feet Player 1 22/Sep/2016

Herbal Bath Oils Player 1 21/Sep/2016

Sun TV - Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1 20/Sep/2016

Health Benefits Of Manthakkali Keerai Player 1 20/Sep/2016

Health Benefits Of Drumstick Leaves & Flowers Player 1 16/Sep/2016

Sun TV - Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1 15/Sep/2016


Sun TV - Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Nilavembu Kudineer for Dengue Player 1

Pavalamalli Leaf for Knee pain Player 1

Papaya Leaf for Low Platelet count Player 1

Question & Answer Player 1


Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1 


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Naattu Maruthuvam - Health Benefits Of Plantain Tree Player 1


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Naattu Maruthuvam - Home Remedy To Lose Weight

Naattu Maruthuvam - Kollu Kanji

Naattu Maruthuvam - Kollu Churanam

Naattu Maruthuvam - Brinjal & Radish Concoction

Naattu Maruthuvam - Natural Cure For Wrinkles

Naattu Maruthuvam - Question Answer Session


Sun News : Health News

Naattu Maruthuvam - Natural Care For Dry Skin Player 1

Avarampoo Concoction - Cures Dry Skin

Avaram Plant & Poppy Seeds Paste - Dry Skin Cure

Keelanelli & Arugampul In Curd - Dry Skin Remedy

Natural Remedy For Warts - Naattu Maruthuvam

Question Answer Session - Naattu Maruthuvam


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Kalaiganr TV - Unavu Pambariyam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Question Answer Session

Natural Remedy For Cracked Lips

Ashwagandha Churanam In Milk - Relieves Diabetes Pain

Pagarkaikodi Paste - Remedy For Peripheral Neuropathy

Veppampoo & BlackCumin Medicine - Cures Diabetes Neuropathy


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Neem Concoction - Dandruff Remedy

Question Answer Session

Neem Leaf & Vasambu Concoction - Treats Diarrhea

Natural Care For Lactating Mothers

Neem Leaf Paste In Buttermilk - Burn Wound Medicine

Neem Bark - Relieves Skin Disease


Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Home Made Remedy For Indigestion


Parangi Pattai & Thiripala Churanam - For Healthy Hair

Arugampul & Limestone Paste - Treats HairFollicle Infection

Kuppaimeni & Neem Leaf Paste - Remedy For HairFollicle Infection

Question Answer Session

Natural Medicine For Fatigue


Sun TV Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Natural Medicine To Increase Blood Platelet Count

Papaya Leaf Paste Concoction - Increases Platelet Count

Nellivattral- Vendhayam- DryGrapes Concoction - Raises Blood Platelet

Ginger & Turmeric Concoctions - Cures Low Platelet Count

Nilavembu Churanam- Treats Low Platelet Count

Impural Legiyam - Increases Blood Platelet

Home Remedy For Fatigue

Question Answer Session


Mustard & Turmeric Castor Oil - Corn Foot Remedy

Guava Leaf Paste In Castor Oil - Treats Corn & Callus

Neem & Kuppaimeni Paste - Cures Corn Foot

Thiruneetru Pachai Ilai - Home Remedy For Flatulence

Punga & Castor Oil - Remedy For Skin Callus

Question Answer Session


Adathodai Leaf Concoction - Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Kazharchikai & Pepper - Remedy For Painful Periods

ThiruneetruPachaiIlai Concoction - Treats Menstrual Pain

Castor Oil - Relieves Stomach Cramps

Natural Benefit Of Eucalyptus Oil

Question Answer Session

Home Remedy For Menstrual Cramps


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Nuna Leaves Concoction - Natural Mouthwash

Neem Bark & Cloves Concoction - Mouth Odour Remedy

Coriander Cardamom Cloves Churanam - Cures Stomach Ulcer

Nochi Leaves - Cures Bodypain

Question Answer Session


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Cumin In Castor & Neem Oil - Treats Raynauds Disease

Amukkara Churanam & Milk - Relief From Raynaud's Disease

Question Answer Session


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Ginger - Cures Indigestion Stomach Ache

Veppam Poo Kashayam - Cure For Intestinal Worms

Papaya Seeds Concoction - De-worm Medicine

Pumpkin Seeds & Honey Paste - Natural De-worm

Garlic & Turmeric In Castor Oil - De-worm Medicine

Question Answer Session


Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Coriander & Dried Grapes Paste - Gout Medicine Player 1

Kazharchikai & Lemon Paste - Cure For Gout Player 1

Vendayam - Ginger - Turmeric Paste - Remedy For Gout Player 1

Cucumber Ginger & Lemon Drink - Relief From Gouty Arthritis Player 1

Kadukai - Natural Care For Pimple Player 1

Question Answer Session Player 1


Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1

Potato Juice & Athimadhuram - Natural Skin Lightener

Cucumber, Lemon & Besan Paste - Natural Skin Bleach

Wheat Paste & Honey - Lightens Skin Naturally

Limestone Water - Natural Remedy For Cracked Lips

Orange Juice & Turmeric Paste - Remedy For Skin Darkening

Question Answer Session


Nelli Vatral & Vendhayam - For Healthy Hair

Natural Care For Hair 

Flax & Poppy Seeds - Natural Exfoliator

Kasthuri Manjal & Coconut Milk - For A Glowing Skin

Rose & Aloevera - For Skin Protection

Question Answer Session

Sandal, Jathikai & Lemon - Cures Pimple

Cure For Nose Bleed - Arugampul

Rose & Almond - For Fair Skin


Medicinal Benefits Of Carrot

Carrot & Coconut Oil - Treats Burn Wound

Carrot & Coconut Milk - For Healthy Eyes

Carrot Arugumpul & Cabbage Juice - For Healthy Eyes

Carrot Cold Compress

Question & Answers Session


Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Care For SpondylitisAmukkara Churanam & Chukku Concoction;

Fenugreek & Ajwain ConcoctionAaliVithai & Olive Oil - Relief For Spondylitis;

Natural Care For Burns - AloeVera; Q & A Session 26/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nail Problems Player 1 25/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Haematuria Cure - Nannari-Nerinjil -Sandal Concoction;

Urinary Tract Infection Cure - Arugampul Juice; Q & A Session;

Hematuria Medicine - Pomegranate Flowers Concoction ;

Cinnamon - Natural Care For Feeding Mothers  22/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 21/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Mouth UlcerBadam Concoction - Cure For Ulcer;

Spices & Butter Paste - Treats Oral UlcerAthimadhuram & Butter Paste - For Cracked Lips;

Fenugreek & Cumin Paste Oil - Natural MouthwashNatural Care For Low BP; Q & A Session 19/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Care For Nervous System;

Natural Cure For Dry CoughPoonaikali Seeds & Ashwagandha Milk - For Dementia;

Pirandai Sambhal & Jathikai - Strengthens Nervous System;

Vasambu & Cardamom - Treats Numbness In Limbs

Vetrilai & Honey - For Healthy Nervous System; Q & A Session 19/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Badam - Natural Cure For Cough;

Mangoosthan Concoction - Controls Obesity; Q & A Session;

Aalivithai Or Flax Seeds Kanji - To Lose Weight 18/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Betel Leaf & Omam Concoction - Relieves Respiratory Problem;

MookirattaiKeerai Concoction - Cures Chest Congestion; Q & A Session;

Wheat & Milk Porridge - Remedy For Lung Infection; Natural Cure For Running Nose 14/Jul/2016

Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Natural Care For Asthma; Betel Leaf Concoction - Cure For Fever;

Thulasi Concoction - Cure For Fever With Shivers; Orange Peel Concoction - Cure For Fever With Chills;

Q & A Sesssion 13/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Papaya Concoction - Strengthens Liver;

Small Onion Paste - Remedy For Fatty Liver; Black Cumin - Natural Remedy For Hiccups;

Nava Pazham Concoction - Treats Liver Inflammation; Q & A Session 12/Jul/2016

Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1Veppampoo Concoction - Remedy For Burning Sensation;

Paagarkai Leaves - Cure For Irritation In Feet & Palm

Kadukai & Vettiver Oil - Treats Burning Sensation In Body;

Badam - Natural Care For Eyes & Brain; Q & A Session 11/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nannari Roots - Natural Cure For Skin Itching;

Tomato Juice - Relief From WhiteDischarge Infection 11/Jul2016

Naattu Maruthuvam  Player 1Pomegranate - Remedy For WhiteDischarge Problem;

Idly Flower Concoction - Cures WhiteDischarge Problem; Q & A Session 08/Jul/2016

Home Remedy For Fatigue Player 1 08/Jul/2016