Nattu Maruthuvam | Maruthuvam Ungalukaga

Watch Tamil TV Show Maruthuvam Ungalukaga and Nattu Maruthuvam on Tamilo.Com by Sun TV. Tamil TV Show Maruthuvam Ungalukaga is a very important show that we must all see.

Maruthuvam Ungalukaga show will give the knowledge and advise about medical related problems. Watch Maruthuvam Ungalukaga at on-line and let your friends know.

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Care For SpondylitisAmukkara Churanam & Chukku Concoction;

Fenugreek & Ajwain ConcoctionAaliVithai & Olive Oil - Relief For Spondylitis;

Natural Care For Burns - AloeVera; Q & A Session 26/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nail Problems Player 1 25/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Haematuria Cure - Nannari-Nerinjil -Sandal Concoction;

Urinary Tract Infection Cure - Arugampul Juice; Q & A Session;

Hematuria Medicine - Pomegranate Flowers Concoction ;

Cinnamon - Natural Care For Feeding Mothers  22/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 21/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Mouth UlcerBadam Concoction - Cure For Ulcer;

Spices & Butter Paste - Treats Oral UlcerAthimadhuram & Butter Paste - For Cracked Lips;

Fenugreek & Cumin Paste Oil - Natural MouthwashNatural Care For Low BP; Q & A Session 19/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Care For Nervous System;

Natural Cure For Dry CoughPoonaikali Seeds & Ashwagandha Milk - For Dementia;

Pirandai Sambhal & Jathikai - Strengthens Nervous System;

Vasambu & Cardamom - Treats Numbness In Limbs

Vetrilai & Honey - For Healthy Nervous System; Q & A Session 19/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Badam - Natural Cure For Cough;

Mangoosthan Concoction - Controls Obesity; Q & A Session;

Aalivithai Or Flax Seeds Kanji - To Lose Weight 18/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Betel Leaf & Omam Concoction - Relieves Respiratory Problem;

MookirattaiKeerai Concoction - Cures Chest Congestion; Q & A Session;

Wheat & Milk Porridge - Remedy For Lung Infection; Natural Cure For Running Nose 14/Jul/2016

Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Natural Care For Asthma; Betel Leaf Concoction - Cure For Fever;

Thulasi Concoction - Cure For Fever With Shivers; Orange Peel Concoction - Cure For Fever With Chills;

Q & A Sesssion 13/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Papaya Concoction - Strengthens Liver;

Small Onion Paste - Remedy For Fatty Liver; Black Cumin - Natural Remedy For Hiccups;

Nava Pazham Concoction - Treats Liver Inflammation; Q & A Session 12/Jul/2016

Nattu Maruthuvam Player 1Veppampoo Concoction - Remedy For Burning Sensation;

Paagarkai Leaves - Cure For Irritation In Feet & Palm

Kadukai & Vettiver Oil - Treats Burning Sensation In Body;

Badam - Natural Care For Eyes & Brain; Q & A Session 11/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nannari Roots - Natural Cure For Skin Itching;

Tomato Juice - Relief From WhiteDischarge Infection 11/Jul2016

Naattu Maruthuvam  Player 1Pomegranate - Remedy For WhiteDischarge Problem;

Idly Flower Concoction - Cures WhiteDischarge Problem; Q & A Session 08/Jul/2016

Home Remedy For Fatigue Player 1 08/Jul/2016

How To Gain Weight in 5 Simple Steps Player 1

Home Remedy for Watering eye Player 1

Sexual health For Men Player 1

Home Remedy For Diarrhea Player 1 08/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Papaya & Sandal Pack - Remedy For Dark Spots;

Radish & Almond Pack - Removes Dark Skin Patch;

Onion & Aloevera Pack - Removes Hyper Pigmentation;

Rose & Lemon Pack - Cure For Dark Spots; Q & A Session;

Cloves - Natural Cure For Throat Pain & Toothache 06/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Cure For Muscle Pain; Turmeric & Lemon Pack; 

Question Answer Session; Rose - For A Naturally Clear Skin;

Pepper & Coconut Oil - Relief From Painful Muscles; 

Ginger & Castor Oil - Relief For Muscle Pain;

Turmeric Concoction - Relieves Body Ache 05/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Solutions For Snoring; 

Peppermint Leaves Concoction - Controls Snoring;

Turmeric & Cardamom Concoction - Remedy For Snoring;

Thippili & Olive Oil Paste - Cure For SnoringArugampul - Natural Remedy For Skin Problems

Q & A Session 04/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Murungai Keerai - Home Remedy For Headache;

Aavaram Leaf/CastorOil/Turmeric - Joint Pain Relief;

Seenthil Stem Concoction - Treats Chikungunya Fever; Question Answer Session 01/Jul/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Question Answer Session;

Tamarind & Turmeric - Home Remedy For Bruise & Injury;

Curry Leaves & Dates - Cures Headache; Cumin & NelliVatral - Prevents Migraine;

Vendhaya Paste - Prevents Headache 30/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Natural Care For Good Sleep; Mallipoo Concoction - Aids In Natural Sleep;

Chembaruthi Poo - Controls Hair Loss; Banana - Remedy For Sleep Problem;

Marudhani Paste & Coconut Oil - Helps Sleep Well 29/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Elantha Vadai - To Increase Appetite;

Vilvam Leaf Paste - Increases AppetiteNatural Care To Increase Appetite;

Spice Concoction - To Boost DigestionNellikai Juice - Healthy Appetite

Q & A Session 28/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Sandal Powder & Vettiver Concoction;

Grapes & Neem Concoction - Cures Pancreatitis & Cystitis; Q & A Session;

Chembaruthi Concoction - Pancreas & Bladder Infection 27/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Cures Headache; Cures Headache & Toothache

Pack For Headache; Hot Compress For Headache; Question Answer Session 24/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Question Answer Session 23/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Question Answer Session 22/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Vila Maram Pattai Concoction Relieves Cough & Hiccups;

Q & A Session 21/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Ramzan Kanji;

Athimaduram & Thippili Concoction - Controls Hypertension;

Nandiyavattai Leaves Concoction - Controls BP;

Salt & Sugar Water - Relief From Low Pressure; Q & A Session 20/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Othiya Maram Pattai Concoction - Heavy Menstrual Flow;

Kattukodi Gel - Controls Excessive Menstrual Bleeding; Question Answer Session 17/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Bhadrachi Or Oomathaan Leaves - Diabetes Wound Cure;

Natural Remedy For Indigestion In ChildrenTurmeric & Nellivattral Concoction

- Relieves Diabetic Fatigue; Q & A Session 16/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Thoothuvalai/Musumusukai Concoction -

Cough/Wheezing CureVelerukkam Flower - Asthma Medicine

Castor Oil - Relief From Stomach Pain; Mustard & Honey - Dry Cough Remedy;

Question Answer Session 15/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Jackfruit Leaf Concoction - Treats Ulcer;

Jackfruit With Honey - Remedy For Constipation; Q & A Session 14/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Lemon Juice With Cumin - Relieves Gastric Problem;

Almond Paste & Lemon Juice Hair Pack; Thulasi & Lemon Juice - Remedy For Head Lice;

Veppam Kottai Powder - Get Rids Of Head Lice; Malai Vembu Leaf - Remedy For Head Lice;

Question Answer Session 13/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nerunjil Player 1Guava - High Fibre Fruit

Kuppaimeni Leaf & Garlic Pulp - Cure For Heat Boils; Maasikkai & Turmeric Paste - Pack To Cure Heat Boils;

Kazharchikai & Castor Oil - Oinment For Summer Boils; Nilavembu Concoction - Cure For Summer Boils;

Question Answer Session 10/Jun/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam Nerunjil Player 1 09/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Malligai Flower Player 1Cure For Eye Irritation;

Cure For InsomniaRemedy for Cold & Fever; Q & A Session 08/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Pannaikeerai Soup - Remedy For iron & Calcium Deficiency;

Pannaikeerai Paste - Pimples & Boils CurePannaikeerai - Remedy For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding;

Question Answer Session 07/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Mookirattai Keerai Concoction;

Mookirattai Root Powder - Natural De-Wormer; Mookirattai Root Concoction - Kidney Patients;

Mookirattai Keerai Concoction - Healthy Kidney Function; Q & A Session 06/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1NithyaKalyani Root Concoction - Cures Toothache;

NithyaKalyani Flower Concoction - Fights Cancer; Question Answer Session 03/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Water Melon Juice - Remedy For Fatigue;

Water Melon Drink; Musk Melon Juice - Remedy For Dysentery;

Musk Melon Concoction - Remedy For Urinary Infection; Q & A Session 02/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Nannari Sherbeth; Water Melon Rind Curd Raitha;

Water Melon & Musk Melon Salad; Question Answer Session 01/Jun/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; CL3; Tamarind Paste - Natural Moisturiser;

Tamarind Concoction - Treats Indigestion 31/May/2016 

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Sara Kondrai Petals - Cures Constipation;

Sara Kondrai Flower Concoction - Cures Jaundice; Sara Kondrai Puli Concoction - Cures Constipation;

Sara Kondrai Leaf Paste - Heals Ringworm; Q & A Session 30/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Peerkangai Concoction - Medicine For Jaundice;

Peerkangai Paste - Remedy For Premature Grey HairPeerkangai Curd Salad - Ulcer Medicine 

Peerkangai Peel Thuvaiyal; Question Answer Session 27/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Seenthilkodi Leaf Concoction - Treats Fever & Body Pain;

Turmeric & Honey - Prevents Viral Fever & Boosts Immunity

Turmeric & Athimaduram Concoction - Strengthens Liver; Q & A Session 26/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Thoothuvalai Leaf - Cures Chest Congestion;

Thulasi Leaf - Treats Cold & Cough; Karpuravalli Leaf - Relieves Nose Block; Q & A Session 25/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Mango Pulp - Provides Rehydration

Mango Face Pack - Removes Wrinkles; Mango Pulp - Boosts Immunity & Growth;

Mango Seed - Treats Summer Stomach Infection

Mango Seed Concoction - Controls Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Question Answer Session 24/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Nungu Or Palm Fruit Player 1; Relieves Prickly Heat & Eye Infection;

Treats Stomach Infection; Nungu Sherbeth; Q & A Session 23/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam - Avarampoo Concoction Player 1; Treats Dehydration;

Remedy For Constipation; External Pack For Fractured Bones; Natural Face Pack;

Q & A Session 20/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Elumichai Thithippu;

Nellikkai - To Balance Acidity Level; Lemon Peel - Cure For Hyperpigmentation;

Question Answer Session; Nelli Vathal Concoction - Relieves Fatigue 19/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Javarisi & Curd - Cures Stomach Ache; Q & A Session;

Pomegranate Skin Concoction - Cures DiarrheaPomegranate Sherbet - Summer Coolant;

Lotus Flower Petal Concoction - Treats Stomach Infection 18/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Refreshing Corn Salad For Summer; Q & A Session 17/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Lotus Leaf Water From Clay Pot - For Healthy Heart; 

Earthenware Vilvam Leaves Water - Healthy For Eyes;

Vettiver Water In Clay Pot - Cure For Urinary Infection; Refreshing Summer Food In Earthenware;

Lotus Leaf Water From Clay Pot - For Healthy Heart; Q & A Session 13/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Mango - Healthy Summer Food For Kids;

Hibiscus Concoction - Boosts Energy For Kids; 

Rose Concoction - Cures Summer Stomach Problem In Kids;

Sandal Sherbeth - Summer Drink For Kids; Q & A Session 12/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Cumin & Fennel Concoction - Relieves Dizziness;

Cucumber & Mint Juice - Relieves Pregnancy SicknessGinger - Treats Pregnancy Vomitting;

AllPakoda - Relieves Pregnancy Nausea; Q & A Session 11/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Cabbage - Helps In Weight Control For New Mothers;

Cinnamon Powder - Helps In Weight Loss; Tomato Salad - Treats Obesity;

Garlic & Almond Oil - Treats Stretch Marks; Natural Care For New Mothers 10/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 09/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Thulasi & Athimaduram Concoction - Increases Lactation;

Drumstick Leaves Increases Lactation; Carrot & Beetroot Juice For Lactating Mothers;

Garlic Milk For Feeding Mothers 06/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Tamarind Seeds Concoction - Prevents Heat Stroke;

Fenugreek Concoction - Summer Heat Care; Mango Concoction - Relieves Summer Fatigue;

Pineapple Juice - Relief From Giddiness/Vomiting; Q & A Session 05/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Pomegranate Peel - Cures Diarrhea;

Banana & Tamarind Pulp - Cures Colicky Pain; Mango Seed Concoction - Treats Diarrhea;

Arasa Leaf Juice & Buttermilk - Cure Diarrhea; Q & A Session 04/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Arasa Leaf Paste - Cures Liver Infection;

DriedGrapes -Nelli Vathal; Coriander Juice - Cure For Pitham

Home Remedy For Pitham; Q & A Session 03/May/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Marudhani & Coconut Oil - Relieves Athlete's Foot;

Arasu Leaf Concoction - Cures Fungal Infection; Mango Leaf & Coconut Oil - Releves Skin Itching;

Neem, Kuppaimeni & Turmeric Remedy For Skin Infection; Q & A Session 02/May/2016 

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Thulasi Concoction - Cold Remedy For Kids;

Cinnamon Concoction - Cures Throat Pain & Cold;

Chukku Pack - Throat & Body Pain Medicine; Herbal Bath Water - Prevents Infections 29/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Kuppaimeni & Neem Leaves Oinment - Treats Fissures;

Curry Leaves Concoction - Cures Digestive Tract Ulcer;

Banana Concoction - Prevents Constipation; Q & A Session 28/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Vettiver - Natural Body Coolant;

Ginger & Mint Drink - Natural Hydration; Vilvam Fruit & Leaf - Natural Body Coolant;

Onion Paste - Remedy For Heat Stroke; Q & A Session 27/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Coriander Concoction - Energy Booster;

Orange Juice - Treats Fatigue; Health Drink For Kids;

ParuppuKeerai Concoction - Summer Protection; Q & A Session 26/Apr/2016 

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Question Answer Session;

Nandiyavattai Flowers For Eye CareTriphala Churna Concoction For Eye Care; 

Radish, Tomato & Cucumber Juice For Eye Care; Coriander Leaves Juice For Eye Care 25/Apr/2015

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Lemon Juice Face Wash;

Orange Peel Face Mask; Tomato Face Mask 22/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Neem Flowers Concoction For Hands & Feet Burning;

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Buttermilk & Lemon - Relieve Summer Skin Damage;

Buttermilk Relieves Joint Pain & Sinus Problem; Aloevera Juice & Buttermilk - Healthy Morning Drink;

Pazhaiya Sadam ; Q & A Session 20/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Sandal Paste Remedy For Dark Spots;

Besan & Onion Juice Skin Pack; Papaya Paste Pack To Treat Skin Wrinkles;

Athimaduram Pack - Natural Bleach & Cleanser; Question Answer Session 19/Apr/2016 

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Mango Concoction For Summer Care;

Multani Mitti & Rosewater Pack; Neem & Turmeric Summer Skin Lotion;

Home Remedy For Prickly Heat; Q & A Session 18/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Question Answer Session;  

Cold Compress - Removes Sun Tan; Tea & Lemon - Natural Sun Screen Lotion; 

Potato Juice - Protects Skin From Summer Heat; Aloe Vera Juice - Prevents Sun Burn 15/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Water Melon Drink; Water Melon Juice - Relieves Faigue & Bodyache

Water Melon Skin Pachadi; Water Melon Salad 13/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Mulampazham Juice; Musk Melon Milkshake;

Mulampazham Pulp - Cure For Diarrhea; Musk Melon Pulp & Seeds - Treat Urinary Infection;

Q & A Session 12/Apr/206

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Nannari Sherbeth; Nannari & Lemon - Natural Energy Drink;

Nannari & Orange Drink - Controls Acidity; Nannari Concotion - Remedy For Constipation 11/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Tender Coconut Drink;

Tender Coconut Relieves Heat Rash; Natural Diabetes Medicine; Cure For Acidity;

Tender Coconut Drink For Kids; Q and A Session 08/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Cucumber Salad; Manathakkali Keerai Soup;

Musk Melon Milkshake; Agathi Keerai Rasam ; Q & A Session 07/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Chembaruthi Paste As A Natural Hair Moisturizer;

Agathi Keerai Oil For Hair; Natural Bath Oil For Healthy Hair;

Arugampul Extract Treats Itchy Scalp; Q & A Session  06/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; 05/Apr/2016

Lemon Juice Helps Control Excessive Sweating; Vettiver Prevents Body Odour

Arugampul Bath Oil For Summer

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Banyan Fruit Concoction - Constipation Remedy;

Banyan Seeds - A Cure For Infertility; Banyan Leaf Paste Heals Skin Disease & Wound;

Banyan Bark Heals Ulcer; Banyan Milk Strengthens Teeth Gums; Q & A Session 04/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Arugampul 02/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1Natt 01; Arugampul Juice Controls Heavy Menstrual Flow;

Arugampul Soup For AIDS Syndrome; Arugampul Water Cures Eye Infection;

Arugampul Juice - Remedy For Diarrhea; Q & A 01/Apr/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1; Masikai Face Pack For Pimples; Q & A Session;

Masikai Concoction Treats Hemorrhoids; Masikai Ointment To Heal Wounds 31/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam  Player 1 30/Mar/2016

Brinjal Paste - Remedy For Insomnia

Brinjal-Relieves Cold, Cough & Wheezing; Brinjal Leaf - Cures Urinary Infection

Brinjal Roots - Treats Pain In Limbs; Q & A

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam  Player 1

Pirandai - Osteoporosis & Connective Tissue Disorder; Q & A 29/Mar/2016

Pirandai Thuvaiyal - Cures Gastric Cramps & Limbs Pain

Pirandai - Treats Hemorrhoids, Ulcer & Menorrhagia

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Ginger: Player 1; Relieves Rhematoid Arthritis Pain;

Reduces Cholesterol & Improves Digestion; Relief From Acidity;

Relief For Joint Pain & Swelling; Q & A Session 28/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Player 1 25/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam  Player 1; Part 1; Chukkumalli Coffee;

Chukku Pack - To Relieve Headache; Chukku Powder - Treats Gastric Problem;

Home Remedy To Prevent Cold & Asthma; Q & A Session 24/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Mustard: Player 1; Clears Nose Block; Treats Flatulence & Indigestion;

To Stop Hiccups; Relief From Cough and Q & A Session 23/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam - Mint Leaves: Player 1; Mint Leaves Juice - Refreshing Summer Drink ;

External Medicine For Eczema; Cure Indigestion & Migraine Headache;

Balm For Pain, Cold & Nose Block; 22/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Onion: Natural Treatment for Stroke; For Low Sperm Cell Count Defect;

Natural Remedies For DandruffControl Sugar Level In Blood; Q & A Session 21/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Lady's Finger - Player 1; Reduces Blood Sugar;

Relief From Urinary Tract Infection; Natural Hair Conditioner;

Natural Remedy For Constipation; Q & A Session 18/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Karpuravalli Concoction: Player 1; Part 1; Remedy For Malaria Fever;

Q & A Session 17/Mar/2016

Karpuravalli Leaf Juice - Relief For Cough & Cold; Heals Boils

Karpuravalli Leaf Paste - Relieves Headache & Nose Block; Q & A

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam  Betel Leaf - Player 1; Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3,

Controls Filariasis and  Q & A 16/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam Fennel Concoction - Player 1; Boosts Memory Power;

Treats Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy; Q & A Session 15/Mar/2016

Sun TV Naattu Maruthuvam - Vendhaya Keerai; Player 1; Cure For Cough & Stomach Ache;

Natural Medicine For Chest Pain; Removes Wrinkles & Sun Tan; Q & A Session 14/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1Home Remedy To Ease Morning Sickness 11/Mar/2016

Natural Remedy To Relieve Pregnancy NauseaCastor Oil Pack Relieves Pregnancy CrampsQ & A

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1; Vilvam Leaf,Controls Excessive Menstrual Flow 10/Mar/2016

Radish Seed & Curry Leaf Treats Irregular Menstruation; Q & A

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1; Shikakai Powder - Remedy For Premature Hair Graying;

Badam Powder Oil For Lustrous Hair; Neem Leaf & Aloevera Oil To Treat Head Lice;

Aloevera Oil For Dandruff Problem and Q & A Session 09/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1Kollu & Kodampuli Concoction For Weight Loss;

Kalyana Murungai Concoction For Weight Reduction; Nuts Kanji For Weight Gain

and Q & A Session 08/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1; Aloe Vera & Castor Oil To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks;

Kuppaimeni & Neem Leaves To Remove Unwanted Hair; Castor Oil For Heel Cracks;

Vilvam Fruit Face Pack and Q & A Session 07/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Player 1; Cumin Powder Heals Allergy In Eyes & Lips

Cumin Powder Relieves Dry Cough; Q & A 04/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Sapotta Fruit: Player 1; Relieves Headache;

Treats Heavy Menstrual Flow & Dysentery; Relieves Depression & Insomnia;

Relieves Toothache & Headache and Q & A Session 03/Mar/2016

Naattu Maruthuvam - Tomato: Player 1 and Q & A Session 03/Mar/2016