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Koppiyam - Usilampatti Vimala Devi Honour Killed Player 1 24/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Report on Thiruvallur Real Estate Owner Player 1 24/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Report on Death in Gummidipoondi Player 1
Vazhakku - Angry Husband Player 1 23/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Dharmapuri Financier Shivaraj Case Player 1 20/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Fake Movie Producer Cheating Case Player 1 17/Oct/2014
Koppiyum - Player 1 16/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - College Student Case Player 1 15/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Kanyakumari School Teacher Case Player 1 14/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Kalpakkam CISF Case Player 1 13/Oct/2014
Koppiyum - Udumalaipet Police Misbehave with Lady Suspect Player 1 10/Oct/2014
Koppiyum - Hosur Singer Case Player 1 09/Oct/2014
Koppiyum - Marina Beach Report Player 1 08/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Actress Suma Report Player 1 07/Oct/2014
Koppiyam - Sand Issues in Kancheepuram Player 1 03/Oct/2014
Koppiyam: Pudukkottai Report Player 1 01/Oct/2014
Koppiyam: Poonamallee Report Player 1 30/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Arabia Sheikh's Marriage Player 1 30/Sep/2014
Koppiyam: Kelambakkam Church Report Player 1 26/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Dowry Report Player 1 26/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Madurai Report Player 1 24/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Burglary in Adyar Player 1 24/Sep/2014
Koppiyum:  Player 1 22/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Sembarambakkam Report Player 1 19/Sep/2014
Koppiyum:  Player 1 18/Sep/2014
Koppiyum:  Player 1 18/Sep/2014
Koppiyum:  Player 1 16/Sep/2014
Koppiyam: Student Goes Blind - A Live Report Player 1 15/Sep/2014
Koppiyam: Nithyananda - A Live Report Player 1
Koppiyam: Karnataka Case -  A Report Player 1 11/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Heart Transplantation Bangalore to Chennai Player 1 10/Sep/2014
Koppiyam: Nigerians Arrested In Tirupur Player 1 09/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Actress Shweta Prasad Report Player 1 08/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: History and Miracles of MGR Temple Player 1 05/Sep/2014
Koppiyam: Player 1 04/Sep/2014
Koppiyum: Actress Mythriya and Karthik Gowda Report Player 1 03/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Player 1 02/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Player 1 01/Sep/2014
Koppiyam:  Player 1 30/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Public Water Tank Poisoned in Pudukottai Player 1 28/Aug/2014
Koppiyam:  Player 1 28/Aug/2014
Koppiyam:  Player 1 23/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Actress Dharna Report Player 1 21/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Cheeta In Chengalpattu Player 1 20/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Bike Race Gambling With Stolen Bikes Player 1 19/Aug/5014
Koppiyum: Lady poorly treated by Police Player 1 18/Aug/2014
Koppiyum: Forgery IPS arrested Player 1 14/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Engineering College Woman Report Player 1 13/Aug/2014
Koppiyam:  Player 1 12/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Yako Puram Village Name Issue Player 1 11/Aug/2014
Koppiyum: Young Couple Case Player 1 07/Aug/2014
Koppiyum: Wife and Husband Player 1 06/Aug/2014
Koppiyum: Thiruvottriyur Welder case Player 1 05/Aug/2014
Koppiyum: Public Action in Vellore Collector office Player 1 04/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Hospital Jewelry Report Player 1 02/Aug/2014
Koppiyam: Tiruvallur Srilankan Refugee Report Player 1 31/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Police Sub-Inspector Report Player 1 29/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Vellore Police Constable Report Player 1 28/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Coimbatore Couple Report Player 1 24/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Chidambaram Report Player 1 23/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Gate Rajendran Report Player 1 21/Jul/2014
Koppiyam: Private Schools Vs Parents Struggle Player 1 18/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Karnataka College Woman Report Player 1 17/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Engineering College Woman Report Player 1 17/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Chennai Businessman Sulaiman Report Player 1 15/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Player 1 14/Jul/2014
Koppiyam: Karnataka’s Sailani Baba Dargah Special Player 1 11/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Kutty Veerappan Report Player 1 09/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Triplicane Woman Report Player 1 08/Jul/2014
Koppiyam: Rowdy Bokkai Ravi Report Player 1 07/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Player 1 03/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Karur Report Player 1 02/Jul/2014
Koppiyum: Cinema Copy Cats Player 1 01/Jul/2014
Koppiyum : Player 1 30/Jun/2014
Koppiyam: Chennai Vaithegi Report Player 1 27/Jun/2014