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Watch Raj TV Show Koppiyam at

Koppiyum shows the paranormal happenings around Tamil Nadu and this show is all about real events, real people. Enjoy watching this show at, please tell your friends and family to visit for their one stop Tamil Entertainment website.

Koppiyam - Soumya Assult Case In Kerala 23/Sep/2016

Koppiyam - Coimbatore Girl Dhanya Murder Case 20/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Trichy Samiyar Case 16/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Man Drinks Waste Engine Oil Everyday 15/Sep/2016

Koppiyam - Woman Hacked To Death In Korukkupet 13/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Land Acquisition Case 12/Sep/2016

Koppiyam - Sandeep Kumar CD Case 10/Sep/2016

Koppiyam - Mystery Creature In Salem 08/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 07/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 04/Sep/2016
Koppiyam - Engineer Suicide Attempt Case 01/Sep/2016

Koppiyam - Player 1 31/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 30/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 29/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Student Aravind Death Case 27/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Salem Mini Muthoot Robbery 26/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Case Filed against Actress Radha 24/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Husband Planned Wife's Murder 23/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 22/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Piyush Manush Case 20/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Suicide By Student In Kodaikanal 17/Aug/2016 
Koppiyam - Player 1 14/Aug/2016  


Koppiyam - School Girl abuse And Murder 05/Aug/2016 
Koppiyam - Amarkkalappatum from Jul buzzing 04/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - One-Sided Love & Murder 03/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Marriage Fraud Case 02/Aug/2016
Koppiyam - Kanyakumari Illegal Affair Case 30/Jul/2016

Koppiyam - Student Sanjay Case 23/Jul/2016
Koppiyam - Karnataka Deputy SP Ganapathi Case 22/Jul/2016
Koppiyam - Traffic Ramaswamy Case 21/Jul/2016
Koppiyam - Villupuram ATM Robbery Case 15/Jul/2016
Koppiyam - Player 1 08/Jul/2016
Koppiyam - Swathi Murder Case 05/Jul/2016
Royapettah 3 Girls and Mother Murder Case 29/Jun/2016