Tamil Movie Naalai Mudhal Kudikka Matten Year 2016

Tamil Movie Naalai Mudhal Kudikka Matten Year 2016


Director:K. Senthil Raja

Cast:Raj, Kantharaj, Samathin, Panimathi


Producer: Panimathi Film Productions

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Raj works as a school teacher in a village. The whole town is all praises that Raj is a teetotaler. Also, the entire village holds respect for him. But, the truth is that he takes drinks during the night without anybody’s knowledge. He is a drunkard from a very young age. He is not able to abstain from the habit of drinking.

The movie’s heroine resides in the very same town, and she has lost her family because of her father’s drinking habits. The heroine desires to marry a teetotaler. There is a clash between Raj and the heroine of the movie. But, following the clash, they befriend each other.

The friendship between the two blossoms as love and soon they get married. But, like a bolt from the blue, the heroine comes to know of her husband’s drinking habits. This results in a clash between the two. Watch the movie to know whether there is reconciliation between the husband and wife.