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Goundamani is one of the most famous Tamil comedians, like most actors from his era, gained entry into the Tamil film industry due to his strong theatrical background. Known as Mani initially he was later christened KounderMani due to his excellent portrayal of a "Kounder" in one of his early plays.

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KounderMani or Koundamani was then corrupted into [Goundamani]. Goundamani was initially a solo act and then paired up with another comedian Senthil to form a comedy duo. Stated as Kollywood's Laurel and Hardy,Senthil and Goundamani have entertained people with their rib-tickling slapstick humour for more than two decades now.

Senthil is a famous Tamil comic film actor. He normally appears with Goundamani. Together they have formed a comic pair in many Tamil films, analogous to Laurel and Hardy.Towards the end of their careers , they become repetitive and as a result lost favour with fans.

Senthil has acted in top-notch movies, many with the South Indian Superstar Rajnikanth. Arunachalam,Padayappa being two among them. He and Goundamani have an impeccable sense of timing when it comes to delivering dialogues.One of their best performances onscreen has come in the movie Karakatakaaran

Goundamani and Senthil has entertained two generations of Tamil people with his unique style of comedy. their dialogues are woven with sarcasm and contempt. Their dialogue delivery is perfect and is accompanied with impeccable body language. Their most famous piece of comedy is the "Vazhapazam" (Banana) joke, in the film Karagaatakkaran.

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