National Geographic Animals Part 2

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See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet

Soldier Adopts Dog That Saved His Life

Should We Eat More Bugs?

Dean Potter BASE Jumps With His Dog

Dillie the Deer: Love on Tiny Hooves

Remembering the Vietnam War's Combat Dogs

Animals Thrive on Pristine Russian Island

Social Sharks: "First" Video Evidence

Camera Traps "Capture" Elusive Tigers

The People of the Horse

Manatee Death Toll Highest Ever Recorded

Neon Sharks Caught on Camera

"Narcoleptic" Alligator & Other Gators "Film" Their Day

Can You Really Train Your Cat?

Snot Otters (aka Hellbenders) Slipping Away

Bizarre, Furry Kiwi Bird Gets a Closer Look

Chasing a Mountain Lion in Hollywood's Urban Jungle

Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat

U.S. Crushes 6 Tons of Seized Ivory to Save Elephants

A Close Encounter With a Walrus

Closing America's Oldest Public Aquarium

Onward: "Living Walls" Protect Lions, Livestock

Tiger Cubs Pass Swim Test

The World's Fastest Runner

Blacktip Sharks and a Sea Turtle Get New Home

Swimming with Brazil's Caimans

The Boa in My Backyard

Untamed Americas - Gigantic School of Rays

Violent Monkey Takeover Caught on Camera

Attacking Shark Gagged by Slime

Untamed Americas - Big Horn Bash

Rattlesnake Roundup

Strange Sunfish and Hope for the Ocean

Injured D.C. Snowy Owl Gets "New" Wing

Remarkable POV: Jumbo Squid "Flash" to Talk

Odd Birds Flirt With Peculiar Noises

Swing Through the Trees With Amazing Spider Monkeys

Spider Kills Bat

Mountain Lions Caught on Camera in San Francisco Bay Area

These Huge Rats Can Sniff Out Land Mines