National Geographic Animals Part 1

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The Best Way to Move Mountain Goats? Helicopters

Stealing Turtle Eggs Got People Shot

Is This the Sound of a Whale in Love?

What Has Four Legs, Four Eyes, and Will Blow Your Mind?

Why Elephants May Go Extinct in Your Lifetime

Mutant "Blond" Penguin Spotted in Antarctica

If You're Scared of Snakes, Don't Watch This

If Vultures Ate You, Here’s What You’d See

Over 100,000 Sea Turtles Nest at the Same Time. How?

Huge Fish Drags Fisherman Around After Stealing His Catch

Diver Encounters Deadly, 13-Foot Leopard Seal

Yak Polo Draws Tourists to Remote Pakistan Village

The Funny Ways That Animals Sleep

Playful, Elusive Foxes Took Years to Capture on Camera

Video From Inside a Crocodile’s Mouth (Exclusive)

Flying Spiders: See Them in Action

These Horses Give Prisoners a Second Chance

If You're Scared of Bugs, Don't Watch This

How Rescue Dogs Are Helping Veterans With PTSD

Inside a Dog Rehab Center

Orphaned Baby Elephants

A Deer Migration You Have to See to Believe

Hunting and Eating Invasive Iguanas

Jaguar Attacks Crocodile (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Beautiful Footage: Chameleons Are Amazing

Watch Killer Whales and Humpbacks Hunt Together

Stunning Video: The Portuguese Man-of-War Up Close

Giant Predator Swarm Attacks Fish

World's Biggest Spider Devours Mouse

Waking Up With a Moose in Your Face

Weird Worms Live Near Pacific Ocean

A Short Guide to Chipmunk Noises

Can Wild Monkeys Hang With Humans?

Living With Lions in Namibia

Odd Birds Take a Road Trip to Survive

Amazed Diver Swims With Mother Whale and Calf

Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Massive Beach "Orgy"

Fighting the Invasive Stinkbug

Inside a Baby Sloth Orphanage and Rescue Center

Whatever Happened to the Rescued Sochi Ten?

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cute Bonobos

Epic Slow-Mo Predators (Bassnectar Dubstep Remix)