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Watch Tamil National Geographic, discovery, and History TV Show at, these are documentary Tamil TV show most of the discovery TV shows translated from other language to Tamil.

Enjoy watching these shows at Please tell your friends and family to visit for their one stop Tamil Entertainment website. Thank you


keezhadi - 2,200 years Old Ancient City Player 1 06/Aug/2017

50:50 - Crocodile Park - ECR, Chennai Player 1 04/Aug/2017

5 Most Horrible Places in the World, You will not back Home Safely Player 1 10/Jul/2017

Is India Competitve to China in Economy? Player 1

Facts You didn't Know about North Sentinel Island Player 1

This Man has not bath for Almost 60 years Player 1

Ancient Cities which sunk in Water Player 1

What If Asteroid likely to Hit the Earth Player 1

15 Days of Darkness in Earth Player 1 

A pregnant doctor suffered a miscarriage Player 1

The Aztecs tower of skulls Player 1

Why we need worship places - Short Story Player 1

Don't waste your life for others Player 1

Rarest passport has only 3 holders Player 1


2 lakh people ready to migrate space country Player 1

Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017 Player 1

Pepeprs TV Show 50:50 - Mettur Dam Player 1 19/Jun/2017

News7 Tamil  Documentary about Snakes Player 1 11/Jun/2017

Pepeprs TV Show 50:50 - Hogenakkal, Dharmapuri Player 1 05/Jun/2017

Pepeprs TV Show 50:50 - Yercaud, Salem Player 1 29/May/2017

Pepeprs TV Show 50:50 - VGP Theme Park, Chennai Player 1 22/May/2017

Vasanth TV Ulagathirai Player 1 18/May/2017

Peppers TV Show 50:50 Salem and the area around Player 1 15/May/2017

What is Carbon Farming? | Tamil Science Player 1

Relation between Sea wildlife and plastic? | Tamil Science Player 1

What Is LED? How Does It Work? | Tamil Science Player 1

Is there Ice under the ground? | Tamil Science Player 1

Peppers TV Show 50:50 we take you to Mettur Dam, Salem and the area around

Peppers TV Show 50:50 we take you to Mettur Dam, Salem and the area around

Makkal TV discovery ooty Player 1

Peppers TV Show 50:50 - Salem Player 1

Sun TV National Geographic: Inside Tirumala Tirupati In Tamil 

Who was Darwin and what did he tell us about Evolution? Player 1

How does a Microwave oven heat food? Player 1

Will Earth One Day Become Like Mars? Player 1

How are we indirectly killing our Coral Reefs? #ClimateChange

Science behind touchscreen on your phone and tablets! Player 1

Reason for dizziness after roller coaster ride? Motion sickness! Player 1

Do cars really Explode like they show in movies? Player 1

Engineering behind working of Windmills. #ClimateChange

How do solar panels work? #ClimateChange

Why is 2-deg Celsius important number for Earth? #ClimateChange

What is this digital currency called Bitcoin?! Player 1

How El Nino affects weather in India? #ClimateChange

Boiling point of water in Chennai, Kodaikanal and Mt.Everest! Player 1

How does a Petrol Pump work? Player 1

What is the science behind satellites orbiting our earth? Player 1

What is e-paper and e-ink? Learn in Tamil! Player 1

Science behind superfast land transportation called Hyperloop? Player 1

What happens behind screen when we use Internet? Player 1

Why do Aeroplanes fly in a particular direction? Player 1

Why do we feel sleepy after a full plate of meals? Player 1

An Introduction to Virtual Reality in Tamil! Player 1

What is the science behind 3D movies and 3D glasses? Player 1

Amazing engineering behind flying an Aeroplane! Player 1

Why do Onions make us Cry? Player 1

How easy will it be to play Cricket in Mars? Player 1

Have you ever observed Maths in Nature? Player 1

What is the chemistry behind a fire from matchstick? Player 1

What is the magic behind Filter Kaapi? Player 1

What is Mann Vasanai? Why it smells so good? Player 1

Why do we yawn? Why is it contagious? Player 1

How biology helps to build Green Buildings? Player 1

Do you know the chemistry behind Hangover? Player 1

National Geographic: A Camera, 2 Kids and a Camel Player 1

National Geographic: Paleontology at the University Player 1

National Geographic: Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs Player 1

National Geographic: Every Day in Tuscany Player 1

National Geographic: Vietnam's Infinite Cave Player 1

National Geographic: Crucial Waters Player 1

National Geographic: Army Ants, Orchids & Dancing Frogs Player 1

National Geographic: The Life of a Photograph Player 1

National Geographic: Leonardo's Universe Player 1

National Geographic: Bringing Back Nigersaurus Player 1

National Geographic: Extreme Dinosaurs Player 1

National Geographic: Shooting Bears Player 1

National Geographic: Hidden Alaska Player 1

National Geographic: Pink Boots and a Machete Player 1

National Geographic: Borneo: Paradise Under Siege Player 1

National Geographic: Scenes From the Field Player 1

National Geographic: Legendary Cattle-Keepers of Sudan Player 1

National Geographic: Cradle of Gold Player 1

National Geographic: The Endangered Albatross Player 1

National Geographic: Wings of the Albatross Player 1

National Geographic: 21st-Century Cowboys Player 1

National Geographic: Palenque and the Ancient Maya World Player 1

National Geographic: Trapped in an Avalanche Player 1

National Geographic: Climbing Yosemite Player 1

National Geographic: Dinka Cattle Camp: Southern Sudan Player 1

National Geographic: The Leopard Vet Player 1

National Geographic: The Ragged Edge of Silence Player 1

National Geographic: People, Plants and Pollinators Player 1

National Geographic: Seafood and Survival Player 1

National Geographic: Living with Urban Lions Player 1

National Geographic: Kevin Hand: Exploring Alien Oceans Player 1

National Geographic: From Revenge to Reconciliation Player 1

National Geographic: Ocean Currents: Jellyfish & the Moon Player 1

Makkal TV Andam - 21-12-2012 End of the World?  Player 1 20/Dec/2012

Captain TV Nigalvugal - End of the World Dec 21, 2012? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 20/Dec/2012

End of the World - Ulaga Alivu? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 19/Dec/2012

End of the world Dec.21, 2012? Mayan End Times Prophecy Player 1 26/Oct/2012


National Geographic Animals Part 2

Watch Tamil National Geographic, discovery, and History TV Show at, these are documentary Tamil TV show most of the discovery TV shows translated from other language to Tamil.

Enjoy watching these shows at Please tell your friends and family to visit for their one stop Tamil Entertainment website. Thank you

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet

Soldier Adopts Dog That Saved His Life

Should We Eat More Bugs?

Dean Potter BASE Jumps With His Dog

Dillie the Deer: Love on Tiny Hooves

Remembering the Vietnam War's Combat Dogs

Animals Thrive on Pristine Russian Island

Social Sharks: "First" Video Evidence

Camera Traps "Capture" Elusive Tigers

The People of the Horse

Manatee Death Toll Highest Ever Recorded

Neon Sharks Caught on Camera

"Narcoleptic" Alligator & Other Gators "Film" Their Day

Can You Really Train Your Cat?

Snot Otters (aka Hellbenders) Slipping Away

Bizarre, Furry Kiwi Bird Gets a Closer Look

Chasing a Mountain Lion in Hollywood's Urban Jungle

Tigers Forever: Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat

U.S. Crushes 6 Tons of Seized Ivory to Save Elephants

A Close Encounter With a Walrus

Closing America's Oldest Public Aquarium

Onward: "Living Walls" Protect Lions, Livestock

Tiger Cubs Pass Swim Test

The World's Fastest Runner

Blacktip Sharks and a Sea Turtle Get New Home

Swimming with Brazil's Caimans

The Boa in My Backyard

Untamed Americas - Gigantic School of Rays

Violent Monkey Takeover Caught on Camera

Attacking Shark Gagged by Slime

Untamed Americas - Big Horn Bash

Rattlesnake Roundup

Strange Sunfish and Hope for the Ocean

Injured D.C. Snowy Owl Gets "New" Wing

Remarkable POV: Jumbo Squid "Flash" to Talk

Odd Birds Flirt With Peculiar Noises

Swing Through the Trees With Amazing Spider Monkeys

Spider Kills Bat

Mountain Lions Caught on Camera in San Francisco Bay Area

These Huge Rats Can Sniff Out Land Mines

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