Arvind Swami comes in support of STR’s nonviolence protest


Young iconic actor STR has been sending his best into the fans by asking them to follow certain methods of non-violence during all crises. He gave a suggestion of asking everyone to wear National flags upon them during the Jallikattu ordinance. He had apparently suggested a same during the protest that is breaking due to the ‘Cauvery Management Board’ not being set up by Central Government.

There were several protests happening over the state of Tamil Nadu, where directors like Seeman through his Naam Tamizhar political party had fists of fury with the police officials. But STR on his part requested his friends out there in Karnataka to give a tumbler of Cauvery water to Tamilians as a token of love and peace. There was some resentment from press and media that lashed him saying that it could be a fictional tale for his next movie, but not a reality. But in contrast, everyone was in awe to see that many people in Karnataka made it happen.

Sooner, the greatest Kannada actors like Anant Nag immediately appreciated STR for this wonderful way of leading peaceful gesture. Arvind Swami on his twitter page wrote, “There were 2 forms of protests in 2 days... one got negative publicity, hurt our own ppl and ensured a no empathy scenario..the other got worldwide attention to a cause and demand, that is dear to us... you can decide which form was more effective as a learning for the future.” (Sic)

It is worth mentioning that STR and Arvind Swami are sharing screen space together in the movie ‘Chekka Chivantha Vaanam’, directed by Mani Ratnam.