Tovino Thomas speaks about Maari 2

Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas speaks about Maari 2: Famous Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas is donning the villain role in Maari 2 which has Dhanush in the lead role. He while speaking about the film said, “ People in Kerala are also asking about me acting in Mari 2. They like to be updated.

It will be jolly good at the shooting spot. I have spoken lots of dialogues in the film. Lots of people have helped me speak the dialogues. I have donned villain roles in lots of Malayalam films.

I am very happy to don the villain role in Dhanush starrer Maari 2. I like myself for sporting the beard. There will be no build ups in this team. The crew will be working with ease. Everyone will do their work allotted to them.

The audience will like my character. For time being I can say only this much. Many are asking me that how I got the opportunity to work in Maari 2.  Earlier I worked in two Malayalam films produced by Dhanush.

I was in good relationship with this production house. One day I got a phone call from Wunderbar Films. I thought they are calling me for a Malayalam film but they told me that I should act in a Tamil film.

I have donned villain roles in Malayalam films but I was reluctant to don the villain role in a Tamil film. After listening to the story, I thought I should not miss this opportunity.

I immediately gave my call sheet. I have seen Dhanush only once at the shooting spot. Now there will be more scenes featuring Dhanush and me. Then I will see him many times.”