“Am I going to quit acting?” - Shruthi Haasan


“Am I going to quit acting?” - Shruthi Haasan: There is news that romance has blossomed between actor Michael of London and Shruthi Haasan and both of them are going to get married soon. In view of this, it has been said that Shruthi Haasan has been avoiding films. When asked her about this she said, “There are lots of things to do in my life.

Please don’t talk linking cinema and marriage. Many are asking that I am not seen in cinema for a long time and whether I have quit cinema. Is my job only to act in films? Don’t I have any other work? Apart from cinema, my life is filled with so many other works. That doesn’t mean that I am ready for my marriage and have quit acting.

I have musical knowledge. I also write. I have lots of things that I like than cinema. I never expected that I will become a heroine. At one point of time I wanted to act. So I progressed in that. I sustained as a heroine. Now I am accepting only good stories. I do what my mind says. Now I am enjoying my time that I have got.”