Fate repeats again for Vishwaroopam


Fate repeats again for Vishwaroopam: Certain memories are good to be remembered, but few get us into hardest scenario. This is all about Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam that was supposed to get released before four years on January 25. But due to the strong oppositions by Tamil Nadu Government, the release was banned in Tamil Nadu, which cost nearly 19Crore for the actor, who produced this film as well.

Now it was learnt recently that Kamal Haasan is planning to release Vishwaroopam 2 on the same date on January 25. But then, it becomes yet another disappointing moment. The release will not happen as planned due to some pending works in post-production works.

It was heard from sources that Kamal Haasan actually decided to get the movie released Shankar confirmed that 2.0 will not release for the same pre-mentioned date. Now we need to wait and watch out when Vishwaroopam 2 will be getting released. Vishwaroopam 2 will be the direct continuation from the first part, where the combat between the hero and terrorist will continue in India.