“Richie will join new wave of cinema” – Shraddha Srinath


“Richie will join new wave of cinema” – Shraddha Srinath: Actress Shraddha Srinath is keeping her fingers crossed with her upcoming release ‘Richie’ starring Nivin Pauly in lead role. The film is directed by Gautham Ramachandran and is scheduled for release this week (December 8). Sharing her wonderful experience working with the crew, Shraddha Srinath saying, “It is really warming to see that Tamil Nadu and its film industry has spread out it love and warmth for my hard work.

First thing that attracted me towards Richie was the professional and friendly approach of filmmaker Gautham Ramachandran. Nivin Pauly as known to everyone has been highly appreciated for his commitment and down to earth nature. It was so much comfortable working with the entire team.

I play a journalist named Megha, who doesn’t give up anything at an ease and who pushes the bars to achieve what she wants. It is obvious that there is lots of newfangled cinema occurring in the industry. Richie will definitely join new wave of cinema.”