TFPC members thank Tamil Nadu Government for parking fee revision


TFPC members thank Tamil Nadu Government for parking fee revision: We express our sincere heartfelt thanks to the state government of Tamil Nadu for extending a major help apart from several favours extended by the Tamil Nadu government.

All the Film Producers Associations together had a meeting as a team led by actor and President Vishal with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and made an appeal.

We had given a petition to reconsider the revision of cinema ticket rates, regularization of vehicle parking in theatres, etc. Immediately after our appeal, the state government went ahead and revised the film ticket rates.

Subsequently, the state government has now issued a regularization order for the vehicle parking chain theatres. The revised rates: (corporation municipality special grade - car-Rs.20, bike - Rs.10, Municipalities Car-Rs.15, Bike -Rs.7, village Panchayat - car- Rs.5, bike-Rs.3. For this kind and prompt action, on behalf of the Tamil Film Producers Council and the Tamil film industry personnel, we express our heartfelt sincere gratitude.