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“I will not be scared of anything” - Shruthi Haasan

“I will not be scared of anything” - Shruthi Haasan: Shruthi Haasan has mentioned that she is not scared of anything. She while speaking to the media said, “ In my dictionary, there is no such word ‘no’ and ‘ cannot happen’.


Right from my young days if anyone challenges me and say that I cannot do this, I will fervently do that. I have that mentality. I will not sleep until I complete it.

Even now I have that habit. I will not be scared of anything. I always want to achieve. I will not be reluctant if I get a tough role.


I have the self confidence that I can act in it. I am not telling this because I have succeeded as a heroine. From the day I put my foot in cinema I am like this only.

When I debuted in cinema, I was not scared of anything. When I studied in school I was interested in music and other activities.


I will be careless in the schools in the beginning and during the examination time I will study day and night and score high marks. If you work hard, you can reap benefits. Cinema has done lots of things for me.”