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Dora is not going to the revising committee


Dora is not going to the revising committee: The crew is shocked since Nayanthara’s Dora is facing lots of hurdles. Dora is a film which is being produced by Sargunam and directed by debutant director Das Ramasamy.

This film is being produced by Jabak on first copy basis. The crew felt that they could do big business since Nayanthara has donned the lead role. There was a great setback to this since the Cesnor Board has certified the film with A certificate.


After completing all the works connected with the film Dora, the film was screened to the members of the Censor Board. Members after viewing the film certified the film with A certificate since there were lots of violence and superstitious sequences.

The entire crew was shocked. Since the film is being released on 31st March, the crew has decided not to send the film to the revising committee since there may be delay in release.


The producer’s decision has shocked the Tamil Nadu distributor Aura Cinemas who have acquired the theatrical rights for Dora. Since the film has been certified with A, the distributor has asked the Sargunam and Jabak to reduce the price of Dora.