Arvind Swamy signs his next with D16 maker


Arvind Swamy signs his next with D16 maker: Gone are those days, where a man aspiring to become a filmmaker had to assist a well reputed director for years.

He would stand up at the doorsteps of the renowned filmmaker nearly for months and sometimes, even years. But now the trend has changed and we get to see it all that is happening in reverse note.


Someone who has made couple of short films are encouraged to come into film industry and they’re making a big time out here. It is yet again evident with Karthick Narain, who happens to be the director of ‘Dhuruvangal 16’.

The film starred Rahman in lead role, which he considers the ever biggest hit of his entire career.

While the film is still running successfully in many theatres, the 21-yr old director has made announcement pertaining to his next film titled ‘Naraga Sooran’, which also comes with hint about the plot on a tag not ‘The Befallen Devil’.


While there have been some angels befallen, but what happens when a Devil is befallen is the major core theme of this movie.

Arvind Swamy was so much impressed with the film and has immediately signed the project on dotted lines. The shoot will be commencing once Arvind Swamy is done with the current project ‘Sathuranga Vettai 2’.


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