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5 Films that didn’t meet our expectations in 2016

5 Films that didn’t meet our expectations in 2016:

In 2016, there have been many releases in Tamil film industry and some of them have lived up to the expectations. On the other end, some films that were brimming us up with more anticipations have failed to impress us. There are many movies of this latter category, but we bring you the list of 5 movies that disappointed us.

1. Thaara Thappattai – Everyone expected that there could be more from Bala. But at the end, it was nothing but a routine film based on action, violence and gruesome bloodshed. Many critics said Bala intentionally banked all his hopes on these elements, but this time it failed him terribly.


2. Iraivi – In the name of feminism, there is nothing you get in this film. It is all about three different ladies having their dreams hampered by the selfish nature of men. But again, we don’t know what Karthik Subbaraj had actually wanted to convey.


3. Kaththi Sandai – It was the comeback of Vadivelu and more than Vishal-Tamannaah screen presence, it was more expected only to get us disappointed.


4. Thodari - When the combination of Dhanush and Prabhu Solomon had come together, the expectations went bigger, but then the movie has become the most disappointing film of this year.


5. Bale Vellaiya Theva – Director Sasikumar promised that it would be a full length comedy caper, but it failed to fulfill the aspects that it promised.

Bale Vellaiya Thev