Dhruvangal 16 Movie Review


There are many such instances in the film, where detailing is very much perfectly done by debut filmmaker Karthik Naren.

Right from the first minute, we are kept engrossed over the tale and there is no point, where we get to find that the story is moving out of the zone. One of the greatest highlights about the film is its running length, where there are no dragging points.


The film is about a retired police officer Deepak (Rahman), who is seen with an amputated leg and walking stick in Ooty. There he happens to meet a stranger, where they discuss about Deepak’s last and final case as police officer that has paid him what he didn’t ask for.

Technically, the film is brilliant and the cinematography is little odd with unwanted jerks and disturbances. Kudoses to the entire technical team, especially the Sound department that has done a remarkable job.


Although, we have seen many best performances of Actor Rahman, we see that this is the ever best spell in his entire career. Nice to see him compliment ‘Thalli Pogathey’ hello tune.

Overall, Dhruvangal 16 has a neat script that caters to the tastes of multiplex audiences

Rating: 3/5


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