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Ajith Kumar’s wheeling video becomes super hit online


Ajith Kumar’s wheeling video becomes super hit online: Last week, we had published an article pertaining to the Ajith Kumar’s stunt dupe doing a wheeling pic.

It was actually a Hollywood Stunt Rider doing the stunts for Ajith Kumar as body double. To everyone’s surprise, Ajith Kumar himself clicked up on the stunt rider and the latter did actually post it on the Twitter and Facebook page saying that even Ajith Kumar is a fantabulous pilot.


But then, there were some disappointments from the Ajith fans as they felt that it shouldn’t have happened as Ajith’s video or image involving the bike stunts should be revealed.

Apparently, it is all happening now as the makers of AK 57 have uploaded the video and image of Ajith Kumar himself doing the daredevil bike stunts.


It has turned to be a super hit video on Twitter and Facebook page, where the fans are highly celebrating it.

Moreover, they have even used the photo of Ajith Kumar’s wheeling and have printed it upon the T-shirts too within a short span of time. This has made the video and picture of Ajith Kumar’s wheeling trend top in Twitter and Facebook.