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Chennai 600028 Second Innings - Review

Chennai 600028

Chennai 600028 Second Innings - Review: What else do we need more than this entertainment? Venkat Prabhu just comes back with a bang after couple of box office disasters – Biriyani and Massu Engira Maasilamani to offer a thundering comeback.

Chennai 600028

The film happening to the sequel ‘Chennai 600028’ before 10 years and he is back with the same boys now to offer more entertainment and amusement.

The storyline is so simple and it’s all about the boys from Chennai 600028 zone getting up for a reunion in Theni for the marriage of their close friend Raghu (Jai). Over there, the boys are pressured by the situations to play another set of CRICKET matches.

Chennai 600028
First and foremost, what becomes an intriguing part of this film is that the continuity that Venkat Prabhu manages to carry from the first part, which includes the first 20 minutes of this film. 

Chennai 600028

It becomes a clear and much special view even for the ones, who haven’t watched the first part. It all becomes so much of enjoyment throughout the movie, where there is nothing left for you to complain about.

Chennai 600028
Be the performances or the narrative style of Venkat Prabhu, everything remains to be on engaging levels.

Chennai 600028
Verdict: The Boys are Back with a Bang to offer unlimited entertainment again.

Rating: 3/5