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Akshay Kumar’s role in 2.0 – Not a baddie?


Akshay Kumar’s role in 2.0 – Not a baddie?: It happens in Hollywood Sci-Fi and Fantasy based films, where we get to see that most of the super villains were once an innocent people, but due to some accident it turned them out to be a threat to entire humanity.

So will be the situation in 2.0, the country’s most expected sequel to 2010 blockbuster hit ‘Endhiran’. The film’s shooting is halfway through and producers at Lyca Productions have claimed that it would be a 400-Cr budget movie.


Meanwhile, there is an interesting fact about the film that delineates something on Akshay Kumar’s characterization… We learnt before few days that he plays the role of a scientist named Richard and the picture involving him as a Crow based figure created an impulsive impact that he is playing a baddie in this movie.

But then some of the sources reveal that Richard happens to be the close friend of Vaseegaran, the scientist. Sudhanshu Pandey happens to be the main baddie, who creates turmoil by injecting a virus into Richard and turning him out to be a baddie.


Sudhanshu is none other than the son of Professor Bora, who was brutally murdered by Chitti the Robot in the first part. Now he uses this to seek revenge upon Chitti by turning Richard into a bad guy.