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5 factors that make Vijay Antony’s a not to be missed film


5 factors that make Vijay Antony’s a not to be missed film:

With Vijay Antony’s Saithan hitting screens on this coming Thursday (December 1), there are huge expectations for this movie, directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and is produced by Vijay Antony Film Corporation. We bring you five good reasons why not to miss this film.

1. Following the grand success of Picchaikaaran, Vijay Antony has become a huge star across Tamil and Telugu industry. He has carved a niche in the industry that whatever movies he is into, they would definitely have a different approach.


2. The first 9-minute visual premiere of the film over YouTube has raised everyone’s expectations pertaining to the movie. It has kindled up a huge excitement on what could be the search behind ‘Jayalakshmi’.

3. The visuals are definitely going to be something more enthralling for the audiences as it has a high intense technical bonanza out here.


4. The musical score by Vijay Antony is much different from his erstwhile movies and has a different approach from his previous films.

5. More than any other factors, it has been a greater enthrallment for audiences to find out whether Saithan is a supernatural thriller or psychological thriller, which can be found on December 1.