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Zee TV Show Athirshta Lakshmi
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Athirshta Lakshmi is a fun-filled game show celebrating womanhood. The show gives women moments to share and cherish. The game plan is a blend of physical endurance, intelligence and luck.

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Athirshta Lakshmi Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 28/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 197Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4; Source 1 27/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 196Source 1 20/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 195Source 2 14/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 194Source 2 13/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi YouTube; Episode 193 06/May/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi YouTube; Episode 192Source 2 30/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi YouTube; Episode 191Source 2 29/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 190; Youtube 23/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 189; 22/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 188Source 1 16/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 187Source 1 15/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 186 08/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 185;Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 02/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 184 01/Apr/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 183 26/Mar/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 182;Player 1 25/Mar/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 181; Player 1 19/Mar/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 180;Player 1Source 02 18/Mar/2017

Athirshta Lakshmi Episode 179; Player 1 12/Mar/2017


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